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Staking is a special activity done in Cryptocurrency projects. It is a special way of rewarding holders of coins or tokens over a period of time.

EVT investors will also receive rewards for staking.

First Staking of EVT:

Starting Date:

20th January 2020


Staking Limit:

Minimum = 200 EVT

Maximum = 20,000 EVT


Monthly Reward:

33% profit


Return Profit on Investment:

100% after 3 months and your EVT will be returned to your wallet.


If you don’t have up to 200 EVT, you cannot stake for now, so you have to quickly buy EVT peer to peer or buy from the exchange to top up your wallet or simply wait till February for the TBC promo to help you acquire more EVT for staking.


The next staking batch will commence in March 2020, after the TBC promo.

We shall offer TBCians an opportunity to gather enough EVT before they will stake.


January stakers will get their reward in April while March stakers will get reward in June


And you can always re-stake after getting your reward.


Multiple staking of EVT will not be allowed for now, one person per staking slot, don't be greedy please.


A notification will be on your dashboard showing the date you started staking and due date for your reward.


Rewards will be paid out automatically exactly after expiration of the staking period of 3 months. Before the expiration of your staking period, you can write to us to re-stake for you. That means we shall stake both your EVT and all rewards for the new staking session. And this continues for as long as you want.


Now during this staking period, you must not violate our exchange policy at all.




If you violate our exchange policy and your PEI is blacklisted within your period of staking, your staking will be terminated immediately, your fine will be deducted and all other tokens (without rewards) will be returned to you.