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Advanced/Expert Course:
Duration: Three Months
(Follow up from Beginner + Intermediate Course)
Course Outline:
*Cryptocurrency Trading
*How Crypto Trading Works
*How to trade cryptocurrencies on centralized exchanges (Binance, Bittrex, Coin Exchange, etc)
*Three (3) top trade secrets that can help you make money from cryptocurrency regularly
*Eighteen (18) cryptocurrency terms every trader must know
*Eight (8) Crypto trading rules for making profits
*How to get Crypto trading signals and price prediction events regularly
*Three (3) ways to making money regularly from cryptocurrency without investing any money
*How to Convert your Bitcoin / Ethereum to cash and send straight to your bank account
*How to Mine Bitcoin free of charge with your laptop
*How to Mine Cryptocurrencies with any Android Mobile Phone and make money daily
*How to make money with your phone through social media and telecommunications

Tuition Fee:
160 EVT

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