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Posted on May 7, 2019 at 9:40 AM


Official Update for Tues. 7th May, 2019

Dear Elevation and TBC Community,


Now that the Elevation online store is already running and people have started shopping, the world can finally see that The Elevation Platform is not a scam. We promised and delivered accordingly. This is good news for the Elevation and TBC community, as well as all lovers of Cryptocurrency around the world.

Before we get overexcited and relax from our determination to achieve success, we need to consider some very crucial issues that can make the Elevation online store a success. These crucial issues include: (1)Sustainability, (2)Coordination and (3)Orderliness. This update will handle one of the issues which is sustainability, while subsequent updates will handle Coordination and Orderliness.


So why are we talking about sustainability now? It is because a lot of Cryptocurrency platforms have come and gone. Many platforms have scammed people and left very bad scars on the path of their crypto journey. These bad experiences are the reasons so many people are still calling cryptocurrency a scam; but we know that Crypto is never a scam, there are just a few bad people who want to paint crypto black.


The Elevation Platform and the Elevation Online Store will NEVER join the group of failed projects; the team had everything planned out before embarking on this journey. Many of us have also been scammed and we lost money in so many platforms; so we have felt the pain of so many of you who tasted the bad side of cryptocurrency investment.


Now, here comes the big question:

How Can the Elevation Online Store be sustained and maintained for everyone to continuously benefit from it?


Before we start explaining that, let’s take a little time to talk about the store itself.


What is the purpose of the Elevation Online Store?

The Elevation Online Store was created to put smiles on the faces of Crypto investors and enthusiasts. This store will validate all our claims that Cryptocurrency is real and valuable. We can never say that something is real except we have tested, used and benefited from it. With the Elevation Online Store, we shall test, use and equally benefit from Cryptocurrency, EVT and TBC.

For most of you, it could be the very first time you would be ordering a mobile phone or a laptop or some beverages and paying directly from your crypto wallet. This will be an interesting experience and I am very sure you will spread the good news to others when your ordered goods start arriving.


While selling our goods at cheap prices and also accepting 30-70% TBC payments, many may be wondering how we hope to maintain and sustain the store.

We have Six (6) sources of income generation that can sustain this store for all Elevation investors and all TBCians to continue to benefit and shop the best products for the cheapest prices always.


1. Through Continuous Sales of EVT tokens to new members: Any new member who joins the Elevation Platform and wishes to shop with us must first buy some EVT tokens. These funds will keep coming in to help us run the store always.

2. Through Adverts on the Store: If you look at the screenshots earlier taken from the store, you would have noticed that there are banners all over the store. Those banners are advert slots. When the store goes live in June, we shall open up these advert slots for several businesses and organizations to start running their adverts with us and paying monthly for each banner on the store. We currently have many banners spread all over the pages of the store, we have estimated that all banners totally generate from $1,000 - $3,000 monthly.

What will this do for the store and all those shopping with us?

Prices of goods will be further subsidized and reduced to lower rates to enable all Elevation Investors, as well as all TBCians enjoy shopping at the cheapest rates ever on the best quality products too. So don’t be surprised when we start lowering all the prices of our goods on the online store, it’s just an indication that our adverts unit is generating more profits now.


3. Through Our Affiliate Programs: Apart from running adverts for businesses and organizations, some of the banners you will see on the Elevation online store are from affiliate programs that Elevation is connected with. We run referral programs which are powered by heavy traffic and users’ activities that take place on the store. We shall offer special bonuses (in EVT) for users who participate in our affiliate programs; they will have more EVT for shopping on our online store. Sincerely speaking, these affiliate and referral programs offer lots of benefits both to the users and the Elevation Platform. They are genuine and profitable avenues for generating more income, though with much traffic and referrals as well. So the more you click and join those programs, the more Elevation makes profits, which will thereafter be invested back into the online store and we shall continue to offer high quality products at cheaper prices. Very soon, no online of local store will be able to compete with our prices because we generate income from several sources to subsidize the shopping of our members.


4. Through More Merchants Accepting Crypto Payments: As the Elevation Online Store continues to grow, the awareness of The Elevation Platform will also rise. Very soon, more people will see that indeed Cryptocurrency is working; as a result, they will be attracted to our online store to purchase our products at cheap prices. This will attract more merchants who will willingly accept EVT or TBC or a combination of both EVT and TBC for their products and services. It will be very easy to add their products to the Elevation Online Store. Soon, we shall have merchants offering varieties of products for crypto payments and the Elevation Online Store shall continue to expand and grow.


5. Through Elevation Crypto/Forex Academy: According to our Road Map, the Elevation Crypto/Forex Academy will be launching in August. The Academy is one of our sources of generating income for the entire Elevation Platform. Some funds from the Academy will also be used to invest in our online store; this is because the online store will need more income and attention. It is our responsibility to satisfy every online shopper and keep smiles on the investor’s face. While we run the Crypto/Forex Academy, funds will be generated from tuition fees and sales of educational materials. Educational contents shall be sold for profits and we shall channel part of the generated funds back to the online store.

6. Through Other profitable Investments: In previous updates, we have said that we have plans to run other investments like Forex trading (started already), Agriculture and Real Estate. Through these investments, we shall continue to fund and run the online store smoothly.

Also, members can cash out 15% profit monthly from their Elevation Account when the Elevation Online Exchange is launched.


For our investors outside Nigeria who are too far away to shop with us, you can cash out from your EVT account as well as a corresponding percentage of your TBC amount you would have used to shop from our store; we shall work this out soon. Because distance will not allow us to send your goods to you, we rather offer you payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum, according to your choice. Please note that these cash-outs and payments will be solely dependent on the profits generated from all sources of income listed above.

We call on all Elevation Investors, all TBCians and all Crypto lovers to join us and build this store to a reputable standard. This will be a win-win game for everyone and we shall all continue to enjoy the benefits of Cryptocurrency, Elevation, EVT, TBC and the entire Blockchain Technology.

So you can now see that this is an outstanding project that requires collective effort. Join us to build and we shall all smile in the end.


As the online store is about to launch and commence operations all over Nigeria, we need state coordinators and several volunteers who will ensure that Elevation activities and shopping runs successfully in their various states.

People shall be appointed into the following positions:

1. State Coordinator

2. Assistant State Coordinator

3. State Secretary

4. Asst State Secretary

5. State Logistics Manager

6. State Product delivery manager

7. Asst. State Product Delivery manager

Same positions will be replicated in each LGA across several states.

Conditions and Benefits of State Coordinators and other positions of the state leadership team shall be discussed in the next update and we shall also use that update to engage all interested people for the screening exercise, there will be an application form attached to the update, please watch out for it.


Thank you all

-The Elevation Platform Team.

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