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Posted on September 7, 2019 at 4:30 PM

(Official Update for September, 2019).

Dear Elevation and TBC Community,

Thank you for the support and cooperation so far. The month of September will be a very productive one because of the numerous plans and activities already scheduled to run.


These Activities are as follows:

1. 50% Bonus Token Distribution:

Congratulations to all those who bought EVT from 1st - 31st August 2019, you got 50% bonus for all purchases and all tokens will be distributed this week from 2nd-6th Sept. If you have received EVT tokens before in your wallet, you don't need to contact any admin to confirm your wallet again, your tokens shall be sent to the wallet address you provided the first time.

2. 100% TBC shopping:

As earlier promised, our 100% TBC shopping will commence this week; it will run along with token distribution. As we are distributing tokens to your wallets, we shall also be working to deliver your orders. We want to ensure that all those who qualify for 100% TBC shopping will get their goods one week after placing their order. As soon as 'Buy' buttons start functioning on the 100% TBC goods, you are free to place your orders. When selecting goods for 100% TBC, ensure that you select only goods within the limit of your investment, orders beyond your investment will not be processed and you will only waste your time waiting to receive what you never merited. Also, it is very important to do a video testimony and post in our Official Telegram group after receiving your order.

To qualify for 100% TBC shopping, click here: https://www.elevationonlinestore.com/tbc-shopping-details

3. Super 100% Bonus for special investors:

In our bid to cover all states in Nigeria with prompt delivery agents and state coordinators, we have launched super bonuses for $200, $500, $1000 and $2000 investors. These investors stand a chance of becoming state coordinators or taking other leadership positions in their various states of residence.

Our community is growing gradually and our platform is launching severally amazing projects, people should start positioning themselves now before it is too late.

Other Benefits of Super 100% Investors are:

-100% TBC shopping according to your investment
-Free training for all Courses at the Elevation Academy
-Free Cryptocurrency E-Manual (86 Pages - Everything about Crypto)
-Free advertising slot (according to your investment)

The Offer for Elevation Leadership and Super 100% Bonus shall run from 1st – 30th September 2019. Hurry up and take your slot now.

To get the Super 100% Bonus, Click here: https://www.elevationonlinestore.com/super-bonus-for-evt

4. Launch of Elevation Advertising Agency:

We have completed plans to launch the Elevation Advertising Agency precisely on Monday 9th of September 2019. From that date, business owners and various organizations can start placing their adverts on the Elevation Platform. Our prices are affordable and you will get massive traffic for your business. For advertising guidelines, please click here: https://www.elevationonlinestore.com/elevation-adverts

5. Elevation Merchant's application:

Due to request from some business owners and service providers that they desire to start accepting EVT for their businesses and services to the public, we have started working on some policies that will guide the approval of merchants on Elevation Online Store. Another update will be released in this regard, please watch out for it.


6. Elevation Global Education Training:

The Elevation Global Education Training is a platform where we link people to study with various foreign institutions without paying tuition fees. The training starts on Monday 23rd September 2019. More details here: https://www.elevationonlinestore.com/elevation-global-edu-course

7. 30% EVT Bonus:

30% Bonus on EVT purchase is already running, if you buy EVT from 1st - 30th September, you will receive 30% bonus. But if you are buying $200 and above, then join the Super 100% Bonus, Click on this link: https://www.elevationonlinestore.com/super-bonus-for-evt

As you can see, the Elevation Team is working very hard to put more value into the platform for the benefit of all investors.

This month of September shall be very productive and profitable for us all.

Once again, we appreciate your continuous support and cooperation.

Thank you all.

-The Elevation Platform Team.

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