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Posted on May 18, 2019 at 4:35 PM


Official Update for Wed. 15th May, 2019.

Dear Elevation and TBC Community,



This is a very important update and everyone is expected to read carefully and understand all the key points outlined below.

Elevation Token (EVT) Distribution Date:

The Distribution of Elevation Tokens (EVT) begins from 1st of June 2019.


How does Token Distribution work?

When you purchase some EVT tokens from our ICO platform, they remain on your Elevation account, waiting to be distributed to you. This is the same case with all Cryptocurrency ICOs, tokens don’t jump into your personal wallet immediately you purchase them online. It is during distribution, they are sent to everyone who bought them and the exact amount of tokens on your elevation account dashboard is what you will receive on your personal crypto wallet.

What type of Wallet do you need for EVT?

EVT is an Ethereum based token, it runs on the Ethereum platform. You need a wallet that is also compactable with Ethereum tokens to receive your EVT, we recommend the following wallets depending on the type of device you are using:


1. MyEtherWallet (For Laptops)

2. imtoken 2.0 Wallet (For mobile users)

1. MyEtherWallet (For Laptops)


How register a new myetherwallet account,

1. Go to www.myetherwallet.com

2. Click on “Create a New Wallet”

Follow the necessary procedures to create your Ethereum wallet.


2. imtoken 2.0 Wallet (For mobile users)

All mobile phone users can easily download an App called “imtoken 2.0” this is a very good mobile Ethereum Wallet, it’s simple, but highly secured and protected. It’s very hard for anyone to hack into it and steal your EVT tokens, that’s why we recommend it.


Some videos will be attached to this update to help you setup your wallet.

Also, you can call our customer care Rep on 07017924695 for further assistance.


As you already know, EVT will be used to shop on the Elevation online store from the month of June, the token is now very valuable and precious, both to the Elevation and TBC community. Therefore, anyone who desires to have some EVT must make a financial contribution for it. For Airdrop, Bounty and Referral tokens, they will only be distributed to all those who participated in such exercises after they have made at least a $20 investment to purchase EVT from our ICO website.


Distributing free tokens only is not a good idea, especially now that we have a working product (an online store) that adds enormous value to our EVT. So everyone who desires EVT tokens MUST buy a certain quantity of it before all other bonuses and commissions will be added and sent to them.



As common with Cryptocurrency ICOs, only the project developers can sell tokens within the ICO period. Hence we have not finished our ICO, we have not approved anyone or group to sell EVT to the public. For now, the purchase of EVT is done ONLY on our platform. But when State Coordinators are established, we shall announce approved centers where people can easily do EVT transactions such as buying and selling of EVT (peer to peer). We know that our token is very valuable and many scammers are out to steal EVT from innocent investors. We don’t want such negative experiences at this early stage of this project, incessant complains about fraudulent transactions can distract us and affect the entire project. So hold your EVT tight and if you don’t have any, simply buy from our ICO website (www.theelevationico.com).

DON’T BUY EVT FROM INDIVIDUALS OR ANYONE PARADING ONLINE TO BE SELLING, MANY OF THEM ARE SCAMMERS. You deal with online agents at your own risk and you can’t shop in our online store with such EVT from unapproved sellers. We know all those who bought EVT genuinely from our platform and the quantities they bought too. When we approve EVT transaction centers nationwide, you can easily do a face to face transaction without being scammed either of your money or your EVT.



Anyone who genuinely bought EVT from our platform and has obtained their Personal Elevation ID (PEI) can conveniently shop on our online store. Your shopping depends on the quantity of EVT and TBC you have in your respective EVT and TBC wallets. People can order varieties of groceries, beverages and food items, but for Mobile Phones, Laptops and Electronics, you can only order one product at a time, you cannot order two laptops or two TVs or Two Mobile Phones at the same time, you must wait for one to be delivered before placing another order. You can always come back to shop, it’s a permanent online store and shopping is continuous.


Normally, a token should be traded on public exchanges where sellers and buyers usually meet to exchange it. We are already discussing with some public exchanges and trying to meet up with their requirements for exchange listing. We shall inform the community when the deal is sealed.

Also, we are working hard to ensure that investors can cash out directly from their Elevation account. We shall launch the Elevation Exchange after the opening of the Elevation Cryptocurrency Academy scheduled to start in August. We are working according to our Roadmap to ensure that all projects are launched at the appropriate time so that everything goes well with both the Elevation and TBC community and for everyone to continuously benefit from this project.

 Thanks for your support.

 -The Elevation Platform Team.

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