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Posted on May 11, 2019 at 5:20 PM


Official Update for Sat. 11th May, 2019.

Dear Elevation and TBC Community,



We are excited that our Online Store has been launched successfully. We appeal for maximum cooperation and support from everyone to ensure that things are coordinated properly and done to ensure a smooth ride of all activities relating to the online store in your various states across Nigeria. Right now, we are opening the door for several interested people to apply as state leaders.

Why do we need State Coordinators and Other volunteers to work in the State leadership Team of the Elevation Platform?

1. Coordination and Orderliness:

The Elevation Platform is a very big project with several aspects. Our community has grown beyond 10,000 registered members who are located across several states in Nigeria, Africa and other countries around the world. If we could grow this fast within some months even before full decentralization, then we are anticipating that this figure will double or triple within few weeks when we decentralize fully across various states in Nigeria and around the world.

We need leaders and volunteers who will coordinate these people. Leadership is very crucial and it makes organizations grow fast and become productive. If we have State coordinators and other volunteers working at the state leadership level, all members in that state will have a smooth ride shopping and receiving all ordered products promptly. This will also help in prompt resolutions of issues within the state level and it will be very easy to recruit more people from various states into the Elevation Platform.

Members in each state will familiarize with each other and there will be regular meetings for seminars, updates and education about the Elevation Platform. Questions can easily be answered and several doubts cleared.

2. Prompt Delivery of Goods:

Before we can ever say that the Elevation Online Store is successful, we must make sure that adequate arrangement has been made to ensure that anyone who comes to shop from the store gets their goods delivered to them promptly without complicated issues.

We don’t want frequent complains about undelivered goods because it can become a big distraction to the entire project itself.

With this update, we are calling on interested volunteers who can willingly handle this responsibility of coordinating activities in their state to ensure that Elevation members over there are coordinated properly and that they always receive their goods whenever they order from the Elevation online store.

This update is aimed at setting the guidelines and specific instructions that should be strictly adhered to in order to qualify as a state or city coordinator and leader in the Elevation Platform.

First of all, you should understand exactly what our mission is and what we plan to achieve with you and through you.

Available Positions include:

1. State Coordinator

2. Assistant State Coordinator

3. State Secretary

4. Asst State Secretary

5. State Logistics Manager

6. State Product Delivery Manager

7. Asst. State Product Delivery Manager

These Seven (7) positions are needed both at the State level and shall equally be replicated in each LGA across each state in Nigeria.

Soon, we shall create WhatsApp groups for each state, to further help in communication, coordination and orderliness.

All those who qualify as state or city leaders shall sign an agreement with The Elevation Platform; then they shall be presented to their people with official ID Cards for prompt identification and recognition.

Leadership is Responsibility:

Leadership will cost you money, time and a lot of hard work.

Yes! If you truly believe in this project, show it to us by making some financial and sacrificial commitment to have a strong stake in the Elevation Platform. By then, you will work really hard to protect your investment and interest.

We are not desperate to receive your $1,000 or $500, the platform will still run with or without your leadership financial investment; you know that everyone coming to shop must buy a certain amount of EVT and that is enough to continuously fund and run the store smoothly.

We need leaders who will stick with this project for a long time and they must have enough EVT to prove that to us. Someone with only 100 EVT cannot lead another person holding 5,000 EVT. In most cases, that person with 5,000 EVT will more committed and dedicated to the project because he has a strong stake in the Elevation Platform. This is exactly what we expect from all leaders of Elevation Platform nationwide and across the world, it’s not about your money it’s about your firm determination to support this project for a long time.

Many of our investors already bought more than 1,000 EVT, it will be very unfair to place someone with less EVT to be their leader. Leaders must show good example by buying large quantities of EVT for long term investment. We also encourage you to load up your TBC wallets too, because this shopping will not stop, we are not running a trade fair, this is a permanent online store for continuous shopping everyday.

Everyone aspiring to be an Elevation leader must understand that we are looking for passionate builders who will dedicate their money, time and commitment for the growth and sustenance of the project and for the benefit of all Elevation and TBC investors, as well as Crypto enthusiasts in your state, country and across the globe. When you help us to build and develop this project, you will also enjoy numerous benefits from the platform. All leaders will keep earning from this platform as long as they keep working with us and ensuring that Elevation Shopping and other activities run smoothly in their various states and cities.

Conditions for Becoming an Elevation Leader in Your City or State

1. You must have an Elevation Account with minimum investment of $1,000 (1,000 EVT), for consideration as the overall State coordinator OR you must have invested a minimum of $500 (500 EVT) to be considered for any other leadership position in that state. Or you can be a Pre-Sale investor to acquire 2,500 EVT with a one-time investment of $500 only. These investment options are NOT FROM TBC PROMO OR BONUS, It must be direct or pre-sale investment.

2. You must have an internet enabled device and you should be good with online browsing. Being active on WhatsApp and Telegram will be an advantage)

3. You must be resident in that state or city where you will lead.

4. You must be able to express yourself in good English and coordinate the people

Benefits of State Coordinators and all leaders of the Elevation State or City Team:

1. Monthly reward of EVT: We will reward you with some EVT tokens according to new members that are recruited from your state. We also reward you according to the number of shopping orders completed every month in your state (this will continue as people from your state are shopping from our online store and their goods are delivered promptly).

2. Financial rewards for Seminars: Whenever you organize any Elevation seminar to create awareness in your state, we will pay you some amount of EVT as encouragement.

3. Special Free trainings and empowerment programs: We shall train you in several online businesses and cryptocurrency investments FREE OF CHARGE. This is one of your benefits as a leader, while others are paying for training in our Crypto Academy, you are admitted free of charge.

4. Access to Investment opportunities: When ever we are introducing any new financial opportunity to members in your state, you will be the first to benefit before passing it down to others.

5. Decision Making: You shall be consulted when management of Elevation Platform is about to take crucial decisions on issues about the Elevation and TBC community, you shall attend such meetings (online) representing your state or city.

6. Special rewards for new members: Whenever a new member joins the Elevation Platform and invests to buy EVT, you shall be compensated accordingly.

7. Special recognition and appreciation: You shall be recognized and appreciated during Elevation Events such as Elevation/TBC trade fairs and Conferences within and outside your state.

Important Instructions to Consider:

a. Apart from your financial investment, you must meet all other conditions stated above to qualify as the overall State Coordinator.

b. If you fail to qualify as the overall state coordinator, you can be appointed into any other leadership position in that state.

c. When there are too many qualified applicants from a particular state, some people will be moved to become LGA leaders, still in that state.

d. Two people from the same family or household cannot both hold leadership positions, only one person from a family or household is allowed; this is not family business.

e. Whether you are State Coordinator, member of the state leadership team or LGA coordinator or member of the LGA leadership team, you shall attract several rewards and bonuses as you work with the Elevation Platform.

f. Any leader who derails, stops attending our meetings, refuses to comply with our policies, starts acting strange and misleading members of the state or is involved in scamming or defrauding investors shall be cautioned, suspended or removed, depending on the level of offense committed.

g. Members and Investors are free to write petitions against any leader who is not leading up to expectation or who is out to oppress, defraud or scam them in any way; we will never ignore these complains, especially when there is evidence.

h. The above leadership positions are not compulsory for all members; you can still be an ordinary investor and keep shopping successfully and enjoying other products and services of the Elevation Platform.

i. As the Elevation Platform continues to expand, we shall keep recruiting leaders and various volunteers from state to state, from country to country across the world.

Once again, available Positions include:

1. State Coordinator

2. Assistant State Coordinator

3. State Secretary

4. Asst State Secretary

5. State Logistics Manager

6. State Product Delivery Manager

7. Asst. State Product Delivery Manager

How to Apply for Elevation State Leadership Position:

To Apply for any of the positions listed above, please do the following:

a. Make your EVT investment according to the position you are applying for:

$1,000 (1,000 EVT) for overall state coordinator or $500 (500 EVT) for any other position in your state

b. Click on the link below and fill the Application Form with your correct details.
Click Here

NOTE: Failure to make your $1,000 (1,000 EVT) or $500 (500 EVT) investment before filling the application form will automatically disqualify the application. Multiple applications are not allowed.

Thank you all.

-The Elevation Platform Team

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