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Posted on May 3, 2019 at 1:50 PM


Official Update for Fri. 3rd May 2019.

Dear Elevation and TBC Community,

We are now counting days to the launch of the outstanding Elevation Online Store; therefore, this update will address some issues regarding the online store and the activities around it.

Please read carefully and try to understand where we are right now and the outstanding progress we hope to make in the days ahead.


The Store will go live in the month of June 2019 and this is fixed already. All preparations are focused towards making the June launching a huge success.


The Online Store does not have any link for registration or logging to it; it is expected that only registered members of the Elevation platform who have obtained their Personal Elevation ID (PEI) can shop on the store. Anyone wishing to shop on the Elevation online store MUST first create an account on the Elevation ICO website (www.theelevationico.com) and complete his/her KYC to obtain a Personal Elevation ID (PEI). So when you pick a product from the store, you only need to input your email, PEI and make your payment for such product to be delivered to you.


The items available on the store are from merchants who sell such products. For now, Elevation does not produce any product for sale but we connect sellers to buyers. We also buy directly from sellers (with crypto or with cash) and sell to buyers (still at cheap rates). In this early stage of our project, we are still building the store and the entire Elevation community, the Elevation Online Store will be updated from time to time and more goods will be added. Right now, we have added several products such as groceries, household utilities, toiletries, electronics, gadgets (Phones and Laptops) and books. The store has varieties of goods to pick from and we will keep adding more products from time to time. This is a permanent online store, not a trade fair.


Some items have been added to packs because they are too tiny to be purchased and delivered as single items. A pack is a box containing several small items. When you acquire a pack, all items in it will be sent to you. Most groceries, beverages and toiletries will be shopped in packs.


The delivery of goods bought from the store shall be done through road transport, logistics, shipping and courier companies (we are already in talks with some of them). The period of waiting for your goods to arrive will depend on your location; so when you place an order and input your delivery address, you will receive an email stating when exactly your goods will arrive. From the moment you order goods from the Elevation Online Store, a customer care representative will be in contact with you through Email, SMS and phone calls until your goods are safely delivered to you. We are very much determined to cover the whole of Nigeria, Africa and several parts of the world gradually. We shall soon begin a process of recruiting state and city coordinators nationwide to ease the stress of delivery. There will be another update on that very soon, so get ready if you are interested in working with Elevation Platform.


A page has been added to the online store for updates. Please take this page seriously and always read updates from it. This ‘updates’ page will be a source of relevant information for the Elevation Community from time to time. It shall also serve as a source of authenticating any news or latest information from the Elevation Platform.

As soon as the Online Store goes live in June, the community should take any information on the Elevation ‘Updates’ page seriously and also disregard any information that is not supported or published on that page.


A testimonial page has also been added to the online Store and we shall continually update this page with several testimonies from members and shoppers on the Online Store. When ever you receive items from the Elevation Online Store, we appeal that you do a testimonial video or send us some pictures that will be uploaded on the Elevation Testimonial Page. This page is very important to us; it will help to tell the world that Elevation Platform is real and genuine and that our Online Store is working. Your testimonies will help to prove that Cryptocurrency is real, EVT is genuine and TBC is not a scam.


As soon as the Elevation Online Store goes live in June, EVT will automatically rise from $0.2 to $0.5 per token and this will be the official price for now. This official price will be used to rate all goods on the Elevation Online Store, as well as other products and services offered on the Elevation Platform.

For example if a mobile phone will cost $100, you are required to pay 200EVT, that will be the same equivalent as paying $100 in Bitcoin or Ethereum or TBC. Please take note of this official price of EVT and ensure that you confirm the price of each item before paying your EVT or TBC for it.

For TBCians, our online store will NEVER discount your TBC, we know the official price of TBC and we value that; each product will accept payment according to the official price of TBC or Kringles, depending on the product you desire to buy.


If you are reading this update and you are yet to register on the elevation platform and purchase some EVT for yourself, time is really running out. Also, if you don’t have a TBC wallet, or you have very few Kringles, you are missing out on a rare opportunity.

Very soon, both EVT and TBC will be scarce and expensive, grab them now when you still can and prepare for the launch of the Elevation Online Store in June. It will be a historical breakthrough for Elevation, TBC and the entire Crypto Community.

All those who have been doubting the Elevation Platform as well as those who have been calling TBC a scam are about to see a turn around. Great things are about to unfold and you should never miss out; this is why you shouldn’t always be found sitting on the fence. You have to take a stand with Elevation, TBC and Cryptocurrency.

It’s time to finally agree that Cryptocurrency is real and it works.

Elevation Online Store is coming to achieve that purpose and fulfill that mission.

Please, let’s join hands together to build this great Crypto Empire and we shall all smile at last.

(Please help to spread this information to various platforms and groups, your family and friends need to know about it.)

Thank you all

-The Elevation Platform Team

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