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Posted on September 7, 2019 at 4:30 PM

(Official Update for September, 2019).

Dear Elevation and TBC Community,

Thank you for the support and cooperation so far. The month of September will be a very productive one because of the numerous plans and activities already scheduled to run.


These Activities are as follows:

1. 50% Bonus Token Distribution:

Congratulations to all those who bought EVT from 1st - 31st August 2019, you got 50% bonus for all purchases and all tokens will be distributed this week from 2nd-6th Sept. If you have received EVT tokens before in your wallet, you don't need to contact any admin to confirm your wallet again, your tokens shall be sent to the wallet address you provided the first time.

2. 100% TBC shopping:

As earlier promised, our 100% TBC shopping will commence this week; it will run along with token distribution. As we are distributing tokens to your wallets, we shall also be working to deliver your orders. We want to ensure that all those who qualify for 100% TBC shopping will get their goods one week after placing their order. As soon as 'Buy' buttons start functioning on the 100% TBC goods, you are free to place your orders. When selecting goods for 100% TBC, ensure that you select only goods within the limit of your investment, orders beyond your investment will not be processed and you will only waste your time waiting to receive what you never merited. Also, it is very important to do a video testimony and post in our Official Telegram group after receiving your order.

To qualify for 100% TBC shopping, click here: https://www.elevationonlinestore.com/tbc-shopping-details

3. Super 100% Bonus for special investors:

In our bid to cover all states in Nigeria with prompt delivery agents and state coordinators, we have launched super bonuses for $200, $500, $1000 and $2000 investors. These investors stand a chance of becoming state coordinators or taking other leadership positions in their various states of residence.

Our community is growing gradually and our platform is launching severally amazing projects, people should start positioning themselves now before it is too late.

Other Benefits of Super 100% Investors are:

-100% TBC shopping according to your investment
-Free training for all Courses at the Elevation Academy
-Free Cryptocurrency E-Manual (86 Pages - Everything about Crypto)
-Free advertising slot (according to your investment)

The Offer for Elevation Leadership and Super 100% Bonus shall run from 1st – 30th September 2019. Hurry up and take your slot now.

To get the Super 100% Bonus, Click here: https://www.elevationonlinestore.com/super-bonus-for-evt

4. Launch of Elevation Advertising Agency:

We have completed plans to launch the Elevation Advertising Agency precisely on Monday 9th of September 2019. From that date, business owners and various organizations can start placing their adverts on the Elevation Platform. Our prices are affordable and you will get massive traffic for your business. For advertising guidelines, please click here: https://www.elevationonlinestore.com/elevation-adverts

5. Elevation Merchant's application:

Due to request from some business owners and service providers that they desire to start accepting EVT for their businesses and services to the public, we have started working on some policies that will guide the approval of merchants on Elevation Online Store. Another update will be released in this regard, please watch out for it.


6. Elevation Global Education Training:

The Elevation Global Education Training is a platform where we link people to study with various foreign institutions without paying tuition fees. The training starts on Monday 23rd September 2019. More details here: https://www.elevationonlinestore.com/elevation-global-edu-course

7. 30% EVT Bonus:

30% Bonus on EVT purchase is already running, if you buy EVT from 1st - 30th September, you will receive 30% bonus. But if you are buying $200 and above, then join the Super 100% Bonus, Click on this link: https://www.elevationonlinestore.com/super-bonus-for-evt

As you can see, the Elevation Team is working very hard to put more value into the platform for the benefit of all investors.

This month of September shall be very productive and profitable for us all.

Once again, we appreciate your continuous support and cooperation.

Thank you all.

-The Elevation Platform Team.


Posted on July 28, 2019 at 5:00 PM

Good News!






1 Month

For more details on how to Register for this Course, Click Here:






2 Months

(Follow up from Beginner Course)

For more details on how to Register for this Course, Click Here






Three Months

(Follow up from Beginner + Intermediate Course)

For more details on how to Register for this Course, Click Here






2 weeks

For more details on how to Register for this Course, Click Here




Posted on July 12, 2019 at 3:15 AM


Official Update for 11th July, 2019.


Dear Elevation and TBC community,

Please read carefully and try to understand every bit of this important update.


Within a short period of time, we have made a huge progress in our online store, several items, products and goods have been added and we will continue to add more to enrich the store. Many people have been shopping and receiving their orders, several testimonies can be found here:

https://www.elevationonlinestore.com/testimonies" target="_blank">www.elevationonlinestore.com/testimonies


As earlier announced, the Elevation Mini exchange will be launched in the month of August 2019. Then, people will have the opportunity of cashing out a certain portion of their EVT monthly. So it’s time to buy more EVT now, load up your wallets.

This is how the exchange will work.

People can cash out a certain amount of their EVT monthly. By then, you will decide whether to shop on the online store or simply cash out from your EVT wallet. If you cash out, you won't be able to shop for that month, it is considered that you have spent your monthly limit.

Please be informed that only international investors (Non-Nigerians) will use the mini exchange first, this is to compensate them for not shopping on the online store.

Also, there will be a limit to the amount each person can cash out monthly. You all know that you can't cash out all your EVT or TBC at once; no bank in the world can do that for you.

The monthly cash out through our mini exchange will be possible because we also spend money buying goods to run the online store and make certain profits monthly. So when you decide to cash out, we will send you the money we ought to have used to purchase goods for you. So take it to and fro, we are spending almost the same amount of money for shopping and cashing out.


In addition to the operations from our Mini exchange, EVT will be traded on public exchanges from November 2019; we shall start with Two (2) decentralized exchanges before moving to centralized exchanges. A tutorial shall be released to show how you can trade your EVT with other crypto traders worldwide and convert your EVT to Ethereum using decentralized exchanges.


As we approach EVT trading on public decentralized exchanges, the official price of the token shall gradually rise to stand with the US Dollars. By November 1st, EVT will be $1 Per token.

Then, 50EVT = $50. We look forward to such a great day when all wallets will swell up again in profits.


As earlier announced, the Elevation Academy shall commence from August 2019. This is one of our most important projects.

The Elevation Academy Shall run in three parts:

a. Elevation Cryptocurrency Academy (Starts in August):

This is all about Cryptocurrency and how to make money from the crypto market

b. Elevation Global Educational System (Starts in October):

We shall guide you on how to study online courses in various institutions in the world without paying tuition fees. This system helps you to link up with the best universities worldwide and acquire numerous certificates to boost your CV and career.

c. Elevation Forex Trading Academy (Starts in November):

You shall learn the basics of forex trading and profit making.


1. Elevation Cryptocurrency Academy:

Obviously, we have noticed that a large number of our investors and registered members are yet to understand various cryptocurrency operations and processes, they stress our Admins, asking how to do simple tasks. Many people cannot even transfer EVT from their wallet to the official wallet for shopping, many cannot verify their transactions on the blockchain, many people are still battling to create a wallet and save their private keys and passwords successfully, many people are still trying to understand how the entire system works.

We are in a new era and everyone must key into new innovations in technology to be able to tap into greater benefits from cryptocurrency and online investments. We encourage everyone to start thinking of enrolling in the Elevation Cryptocurrency Academy to learn the basics and special skills required for Cryptocurrency and other online investments that will return high profits.

Tuition fees shall be paid with 50% EVT and 50% TBC.

Beginner Course:

Duration: One Month

Fee: $100 ($50 EVT and $50TBC) = (100 EVT + 6KRG)

Intermediate Course:

Duration: Two Months

Tuition Fee: $200 ($100 EVT and $100TBC) = (200EVT + 13KRG)

Advanced/Expert Course:

Duration: Three Months (includes Free Global Educational System Course)

Fee: $300 ($150EVT and $150TBC) = (300 EVT + 19KRG)

We have qualified instructors, detailed materials (Books, Audios and Videos) to guide you properly to ensure that you become an expert in cryptocurrency and other online investments.


Beginner Course (1 Month):

*The Evolution of money

*How Blockchain Technology works

*In-depth explanation on cryptocurrency and Introduction to Bitcoin

*Detailed explanation on: Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Initial Token Offering (ITO)

*Six (6) Special websites that list upcoming projects before they are launched

*How to Identify scam platforms and avoid them

*Six (6) things you must check before investing in any cryptocurrency

*How to Start a Cryptocurrency Investment from scratch

Intermediate Course (2 Months):

(Follow up from Beginner Course)

*How to study coin market capitalization

*Detailed explanation of features of the coin market cap

*General analysis of a cryptocurrency

*How to recognize dead projects and avoid them

*How to analyze and predict the future price of a coin before buying it

*Requirements for starting a cryptocurrency investment

*How to create a Bitcoin wallet and fund it

*How to buy Bitcoin and send it from one wallet to another

*The Ethereum platform and (ERC-20) tokens

*How to create an Ethereum (ERC-20) wallet and fund it

*How to buy Ethereum and send from one wallet to another

Advanced/Expert Course:

(Follow up from Beginner + Intermediate Course)

(includes Free Global Educational System Course)

*How Crypto Trading Works

*How to trade cryptocurrencies on exchanges (Binance, Bittrex, Coin Exchange, etc)

*Three (3) top trade secrets that can help you make money from cryptocurrency regularly

*Eighteen [18] cryptocurrency terms every trader must know

*Eight [8] crypto trading rules for making profits

*How to get crypto trading signals and price prediction events regularly

*Three (3) ways to making money regularly from cryptocurrency without investing any money

*How to Convert your Bitcoin / Ethereum to cash and send straight to your bank account

*How to Mine Bitcoin free of charge with your laptop

*How to Mine Cryptocurrencies with any Android Mobile Phone and make money daily

*How to make money with your phone through social media and telecommunications

2. The Elevation Global Educational System:

(This Course Will be offered freely to all those who studied our Advanced Course)

This programme shall commence in October 2019. We shall teach you how to register and study in any university in the world FREE OF CHARGE.

You only pay for the Certificates after any course.

The Elevation Global Educational System shall expose you to:

>> More than 2,400 free courses from 118 institutions worldwide, including:

*Harvard University,

*Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),

*University of California,

*The University of Texas,

*Australian National University,

*Boston University,

*The Hong Kong Polytechnic,

*Georgetown University,

*University of British Columbia,

*University of Queensland,

*Karolinska Institute,

*University of Edinburg,

*University of Toronto,

*University of Pennsylvania,

*University of Tokyo

And 104 more Institutions and Universities across the world



Study Courses in









And many more.



For more information, please call: 07017924695.


Posted on June 19, 2019 at 8:30 PM


Official Update for Thursday 20th June, 2019

Dear Elevation and TBC Community,

Breaking News!


As we promised, the Online Store has been launched and accessible by all.

Online shopping with EVT and TBC has commenced and we are so glad to break this news to every investor and supporter of this project.


1. Only Elevation Investors Can Shop:

Those eligible for shopping at our online store are investors who bought EVT (at least $20); also, they must have done their KYC and have obtained a Personal Elevation ID (PEI), this is also the shopping code.

2. We are still improving and working on the Store:

The Elevation Online Store is not yet perfect; just like every store (local/online), improvements will still be made and goods will continually be added from time to time, so be patient with us

3. There are Shopping limits:

For the sake of sustainability and general satisfaction, we have placed some limits to shopping. Different sections have their limits and this will help us to monitor how goods are shopped and delivered. We want an online store that can stand the test of time and last for a very long time, so we shall take things gradually until we grow deeper in business

4. Tutorial on How to Shop:

A detailed tutorial on “How to Shop on the Elevation Online Store” shall be presented at the Trade Fair on Friday 21st June. Also, a video tutorial shall be released later to help everyone understand how the store runs. We advice you all to kindly wait for the tutorial to guide you through, don’t mess around with your EVT and TBC.

5. Delivery depends on location:

Delivery takes from few days to few weeks, depending on your location. All locations are not the same and you have to be patient when your delivery date/time is ascertained by the delivery officer in charge of your goods

6. Some goods are not yet ready for sale:

We have tried our best to negotiate with merchants and distributors available within our reach, but the prices of some goods are still under negotiation. For such goods, you will see “Price: Unavailable”. It means that a convenient/reasonable price of such goods has not been confirmed yet, so we can’t sell them now. Everyone should understand that we are not just quick to sell anything, but we have the responsibility of offering our investors quality products, still at the cheapest possible price available.

As soon as prices of such goods are concluded and a fair agreement is reached with the merchants, we shall attach the price of such goods and start selling them on the store.

7. The Elevation Online Store is here to stay:

Unlike instant Trade Fairs and short term programs, the Elevation Online Store is here to stay for long term. Please worry less about the present level of operations now, just look ahead and see us grow bigger and larger to serve you better. Whatever you desire right now can be attained; you just have to be patient with the process.

We hope you enjoy shopping on the online store:

Thanks for your support!

-The Elevation Platform Team


Posted on June 11, 2019 at 2:30 PM


Official Update for Tuesday 11th June, 2019

Dear Elevation and TBC Community,

We hereby announce the postponement of the Elevation and TBC Trade fair earlier scheduled to hold on Saturday 15th June 2019.

The new date is:
Friday 21st June 2019

10am Prompt

300 Rumuagholu Road, After T-Junction, Rumuagholu, off Rumukoro Round-About, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

We made this crucial decision of shifting the date of the trade fair because our logistics and delivery committee informed us that our goods cannot arrive Nigeria this week, they will come in early next week. When all efforts to hasten the arrival of those goods, products and items proved abortive, we had no other choice than to shift the event to a more convenient date for the success of the programme.

Participants are not coming to the trade fair to look at our faces or admire the hall, they are coming to shop as it is expected in every trade fair. But when there are insufficient goods for the people, then, there is no trade fair.

Those goods were initially scheduled for delivery on or before 20th June 2019, the purpose for such importation was to serve the Elevation online store. This was our earlier decision; but later, we thought we could fast-track the process to serve the trade fair also, but it was impossible. So we had no other choice than to shift the date of the Trade Fair to suit the launching of the Elevation Online Store.


The launching of the Elevation Online Store remains as scheduled, the website will be released on Thursday 20th June 2019.

A detailed tutorial on “How to Shop on the Elevation Online Store” shall be presented at the Trade Fair on Friday 21st June 2019.

All those qualified to shop at the Trade Fair or on the Elevation online store are investors who have paid at least $20 (N7,200) to purchase some EVT either online or at the venue of the trade fair, you may as well call that the “Gate Fee” of the Trade Fair or “Ticket” to the online store.

Participants at the Trade Fair on 21st June can Test EVT and TBC payments for shopping, people will be allowed to ask questions on Cryptocurrency transactions, wallets and confirmation of payments. There will be an interactive session to enable beginners get proper training.

Full operation will commence at the Elevation Port Harcourt Office from Saturday 22nd June 2019. All those in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and environs can come to shop at our office: 101, East West Road, Off Rumuodara, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. For directions to the venue, Please Call: 07017924695, 07056883937.

Packaging and Delivery of items to various states in Nigeria shall commence from Monday 24th June 2019.

Thank you for supporting the Elevation Platform.

Together, we shall all be elevated!

-The Elevation Platform Team


Posted on June 1, 2019 at 4:40 PM


Official Update for Saturday 1st June, 2019

Dear Elevation and TBC Community,

Warm greetings!

First of all, we sincerely appreciate everyone who has supported this project from one stage to another; we cherish your interest in the Elevation Platform.

We specially and deeply appreciate all those who believe in this project and invested to buy EVT tokens. You are the reason we are still in business and we shall not disappoint you. Expect great profits in return for your investment in the Elevation platform.

Thank you so much!


Today is a very special day for all Elevation investors worldwide, EVT has risen from $0.2 to $0.5 per token, your investments have all swollen up over 3X the amount you invested, Isn’t that awesome? Sure it is!


The token distribution exercise shall run from Wed. 5th - Wed 19th June 2019 (2 weeks). We shall ensure that all those who bought EVT receive all quantities of tokens bought into their respective wallets successfully.

Our customer service Rep will be available online and on phone to assist all investors during the token distribution period.

Distribution of tokens shall run in this order:

First: Purchased tokens

Second: Registration Bonuses (Airdrop)

Third: Bounty Tokens

Fourth: Referral tokens

This means that we shall distribute all tokens bought first, before sending all registration tokens, then Bounty tokens and referral tokens.


In the last update, we made it very clear that Non-Investors will not receive any token until they invest at least $20 to purchase some EVT from our ICO website. That policy still stands, so we are only attending to investors during the entire process of token distribution. Please don’t expect any token if you didn’t invest at least $20 to purchase some EVT.


The Referral tokens will be distributed after strict investigations into various accounts to ascertain that referrals gathered are not fake or ghost members. One of the conditions we would use to determine this is that every referral must do their KYC for us to ascertain their true identity before distributing referral tokens to beneficiaries. EVT is too precious to be given to ghost members and fake accounts.


To ensure that all your tokens arrive faster, please make sure you complete your Elevation profile with the correct Ethereum ERC20 compactable wallet address. Only ERC20 Ethereum wallets can receive EVT. In previous updates, we have tried to tutor the community on this by recommending 2 wallets:

1. myetherwallet (for laptops)

2. imtoken (for mobile devices)

In few days time, we shall release a more detailed tutorial for the community, this will help everyone setup their wallets for receiving EVT.

Elevation Admins will not be held liable for missing tokens due to wrong Ethereum wallet addresses inputted by investors. If you are not sure of how to setup your wallets to receive EVT, please don’t do anything yet until we upload a general tutorial video for the community on or before 5th June 2019.


EVT has now attained its official price of $0.5 and this will be the price of the token in relation to the prices of goods sold at the Elevation Online Store.


From 1st – 19th of June before the launch of the online store, anyone who purchases EVT at $0.5 receives a 50% bonus instantly. This offer ends on 19th June before the official launching of the Elevation Online Store.


The Elevation Online Store shall be launched on 20th June, 2019.

The Store will officially commence operation after all tokens have been distributed to all investors. After the token distribution is concluded on 19th June, we shall launch the online store on 20th June 2019.

Follow us on all social media channels to get latest updates.

Watch the latest update here:


Thank you all.

-The Elevation Platform Team


Posted on May 18, 2019 at 4:35 PM


Official Update for Wed. 15th May, 2019.

Dear Elevation and TBC Community,



This is a very important update and everyone is expected to read carefully and understand all the key points outlined below.

Elevation Token (EVT) Distribution Date:

The Distribution of Elevation Tokens (EVT) begins from 1st of June 2019.


How does Token Distribution work?

When you purchase some EVT tokens from our ICO platform, they remain on your Elevation account, waiting to be distributed to you. This is the same case with all Cryptocurrency ICOs, tokens don’t jump into your personal wallet immediately you purchase them online. It is during distribution, they are sent to everyone who bought them and the exact amount of tokens on your elevation account dashboard is what you will receive on your personal crypto wallet.

What type of Wallet do you need for EVT?

EVT is an Ethereum based token, it runs on the Ethereum platform. You need a wallet that is also compactable with Ethereum tokens to receive your EVT, we recommend the following wallets depending on the type of device you are using:


1. MyEtherWallet (For Laptops)

2. imtoken 2.0 Wallet (For mobile users)

1. MyEtherWallet (For Laptops)


How register a new myetherwallet account,

1. Go to www.myetherwallet.com

2. Click on “Create a New Wallet”

Follow the necessary procedures to create your Ethereum wallet.


2. imtoken 2.0 Wallet (For mobile users)

All mobile phone users can easily download an App called “imtoken 2.0” this is a very good mobile Ethereum Wallet, it’s simple, but highly secured and protected. It’s very hard for anyone to hack into it and steal your EVT tokens, that’s why we recommend it.


Some videos will be attached to this update to help you setup your wallet.

Also, you can call our customer care Rep on 07017924695 for further assistance.


As you already know, EVT will be used to shop on the Elevation online store from the month of June, the token is now very valuable and precious, both to the Elevation and TBC community. Therefore, anyone who desires to have some EVT must make a financial contribution for it. For Airdrop, Bounty and Referral tokens, they will only be distributed to all those who participated in such exercises after they have made at least a $20 investment to purchase EVT from our ICO website.


Distributing free tokens only is not a good idea, especially now that we have a working product (an online store) that adds enormous value to our EVT. So everyone who desires EVT tokens MUST buy a certain quantity of it before all other bonuses and commissions will be added and sent to them.



As common with Cryptocurrency ICOs, only the project developers can sell tokens within the ICO period. Hence we have not finished our ICO, we have not approved anyone or group to sell EVT to the public. For now, the purchase of EVT is done ONLY on our platform. But when State Coordinators are established, we shall announce approved centers where people can easily do EVT transactions such as buying and selling of EVT (peer to peer). We know that our token is very valuable and many scammers are out to steal EVT from innocent investors. We don’t want such negative experiences at this early stage of this project, incessant complains about fraudulent transactions can distract us and affect the entire project. So hold your EVT tight and if you don’t have any, simply buy from our ICO website (www.theelevationico.com).

DON’T BUY EVT FROM INDIVIDUALS OR ANYONE PARADING ONLINE TO BE SELLING, MANY OF THEM ARE SCAMMERS. You deal with online agents at your own risk and you can’t shop in our online store with such EVT from unapproved sellers. We know all those who bought EVT genuinely from our platform and the quantities they bought too. When we approve EVT transaction centers nationwide, you can easily do a face to face transaction without being scammed either of your money or your EVT.



Anyone who genuinely bought EVT from our platform and has obtained their Personal Elevation ID (PEI) can conveniently shop on our online store. Your shopping depends on the quantity of EVT and TBC you have in your respective EVT and TBC wallets. People can order varieties of groceries, beverages and food items, but for Mobile Phones, Laptops and Electronics, you can only order one product at a time, you cannot order two laptops or two TVs or Two Mobile Phones at the same time, you must wait for one to be delivered before placing another order. You can always come back to shop, it’s a permanent online store and shopping is continuous.


Normally, a token should be traded on public exchanges where sellers and buyers usually meet to exchange it. We are already discussing with some public exchanges and trying to meet up with their requirements for exchange listing. We shall inform the community when the deal is sealed.

Also, we are working hard to ensure that investors can cash out directly from their Elevation account. We shall launch the Elevation Exchange after the opening of the Elevation Cryptocurrency Academy scheduled to start in August. We are working according to our Roadmap to ensure that all projects are launched at the appropriate time so that everything goes well with both the Elevation and TBC community and for everyone to continuously benefit from this project.

 Thanks for your support.

 -The Elevation Platform Team.


Posted on May 11, 2019 at 5:20 PM


Official Update for Sat. 11th May, 2019.

Dear Elevation and TBC Community,



We are excited that our Online Store has been launched successfully. We appeal for maximum cooperation and support from everyone to ensure that things are coordinated properly and done to ensure a smooth ride of all activities relating to the online store in your various states across Nigeria. Right now, we are opening the door for several interested people to apply as state leaders.

Why do we need State Coordinators and Other volunteers to work in the State leadership Team of the Elevation Platform?

1. Coordination and Orderliness:

The Elevation Platform is a very big project with several aspects. Our community has grown beyond 10,000 registered members who are located across several states in Nigeria, Africa and other countries around the world. If we could grow this fast within some months even before full decentralization, then we are anticipating that this figure will double or triple within few weeks when we decentralize fully across various states in Nigeria and around the world.

We need leaders and volunteers who will coordinate these people. Leadership is very crucial and it makes organizations grow fast and become productive. If we have State coordinators and other volunteers working at the state leadership level, all members in that state will have a smooth ride shopping and receiving all ordered products promptly. This will also help in prompt resolutions of issues within the state level and it will be very easy to recruit more people from various states into the Elevation Platform.

Members in each state will familiarize with each other and there will be regular meetings for seminars, updates and education about the Elevation Platform. Questions can easily be answered and several doubts cleared.

2. Prompt Delivery of Goods:

Before we can ever say that the Elevation Online Store is successful, we must make sure that adequate arrangement has been made to ensure that anyone who comes to shop from the store gets their goods delivered to them promptly without complicated issues.

We don’t want frequent complains about undelivered goods because it can become a big distraction to the entire project itself.

With this update, we are calling on interested volunteers who can willingly handle this responsibility of coordinating activities in their state to ensure that Elevation members over there are coordinated properly and that they always receive their goods whenever they order from the Elevation online store.

This update is aimed at setting the guidelines and specific instructions that should be strictly adhered to in order to qualify as a state or city coordinator and leader in the Elevation Platform.

First of all, you should understand exactly what our mission is and what we plan to achieve with you and through you.

Available Positions include:

1. State Coordinator

2. Assistant State Coordinator

3. State Secretary

4. Asst State Secretary

5. State Logistics Manager

6. State Product Delivery Manager

7. Asst. State Product Delivery Manager

These Seven (7) positions are needed both at the State level and shall equally be replicated in each LGA across each state in Nigeria.

Soon, we shall create WhatsApp groups for each state, to further help in communication, coordination and orderliness.

All those who qualify as state or city leaders shall sign an agreement with The Elevation Platform; then they shall be presented to their people with official ID Cards for prompt identification and recognition.

Leadership is Responsibility:

Leadership will cost you money, time and a lot of hard work.

Yes! If you truly believe in this project, show it to us by making some financial and sacrificial commitment to have a strong stake in the Elevation Platform. By then, you will work really hard to protect your investment and interest.

We are not desperate to receive your $1,000 or $500, the platform will still run with or without your leadership financial investment; you know that everyone coming to shop must buy a certain amount of EVT and that is enough to continuously fund and run the store smoothly.

We need leaders who will stick with this project for a long time and they must have enough EVT to prove that to us. Someone with only 100 EVT cannot lead another person holding 5,000 EVT. In most cases, that person with 5,000 EVT will more committed and dedicated to the project because he has a strong stake in the Elevation Platform. This is exactly what we expect from all leaders of Elevation Platform nationwide and across the world, it’s not about your money it’s about your firm determination to support this project for a long time.

Many of our investors already bought more than 1,000 EVT, it will be very unfair to place someone with less EVT to be their leader. Leaders must show good example by buying large quantities of EVT for long term investment. We also encourage you to load up your TBC wallets too, because this shopping will not stop, we are not running a trade fair, this is a permanent online store for continuous shopping everyday.

Everyone aspiring to be an Elevation leader must understand that we are looking for passionate builders who will dedicate their money, time and commitment for the growth and sustenance of the project and for the benefit of all Elevation and TBC investors, as well as Crypto enthusiasts in your state, country and across the globe. When you help us to build and develop this project, you will also enjoy numerous benefits from the platform. All leaders will keep earning from this platform as long as they keep working with us and ensuring that Elevation Shopping and other activities run smoothly in their various states and cities.

Conditions for Becoming an Elevation Leader in Your City or State

1. You must have an Elevation Account with minimum investment of $1,000 (1,000 EVT), for consideration as the overall State coordinator OR you must have invested a minimum of $500 (500 EVT) to be considered for any other leadership position in that state. Or you can be a Pre-Sale investor to acquire 2,500 EVT with a one-time investment of $500 only. These investment options are NOT FROM TBC PROMO OR BONUS, It must be direct or pre-sale investment.

2. You must have an internet enabled device and you should be good with online browsing. Being active on WhatsApp and Telegram will be an advantage)

3. You must be resident in that state or city where you will lead.

4. You must be able to express yourself in good English and coordinate the people

Benefits of State Coordinators and all leaders of the Elevation State or City Team:

1. Monthly reward of EVT: We will reward you with some EVT tokens according to new members that are recruited from your state. We also reward you according to the number of shopping orders completed every month in your state (this will continue as people from your state are shopping from our online store and their goods are delivered promptly).

2. Financial rewards for Seminars: Whenever you organize any Elevation seminar to create awareness in your state, we will pay you some amount of EVT as encouragement.

3. Special Free trainings and empowerment programs: We shall train you in several online businesses and cryptocurrency investments FREE OF CHARGE. This is one of your benefits as a leader, while others are paying for training in our Crypto Academy, you are admitted free of charge.

4. Access to Investment opportunities: When ever we are introducing any new financial opportunity to members in your state, you will be the first to benefit before passing it down to others.

5. Decision Making: You shall be consulted when management of Elevation Platform is about to take crucial decisions on issues about the Elevation and TBC community, you shall attend such meetings (online) representing your state or city.

6. Special rewards for new members: Whenever a new member joins the Elevation Platform and invests to buy EVT, you shall be compensated accordingly.

7. Special recognition and appreciation: You shall be recognized and appreciated during Elevation Events such as Elevation/TBC trade fairs and Conferences within and outside your state.

Important Instructions to Consider:

a. Apart from your financial investment, you must meet all other conditions stated above to qualify as the overall State Coordinator.

b. If you fail to qualify as the overall state coordinator, you can be appointed into any other leadership position in that state.

c. When there are too many qualified applicants from a particular state, some people will be moved to become LGA leaders, still in that state.

d. Two people from the same family or household cannot both hold leadership positions, only one person from a family or household is allowed; this is not family business.

e. Whether you are State Coordinator, member of the state leadership team or LGA coordinator or member of the LGA leadership team, you shall attract several rewards and bonuses as you work with the Elevation Platform.

f. Any leader who derails, stops attending our meetings, refuses to comply with our policies, starts acting strange and misleading members of the state or is involved in scamming or defrauding investors shall be cautioned, suspended or removed, depending on the level of offense committed.

g. Members and Investors are free to write petitions against any leader who is not leading up to expectation or who is out to oppress, defraud or scam them in any way; we will never ignore these complains, especially when there is evidence.

h. The above leadership positions are not compulsory for all members; you can still be an ordinary investor and keep shopping successfully and enjoying other products and services of the Elevation Platform.

i. As the Elevation Platform continues to expand, we shall keep recruiting leaders and various volunteers from state to state, from country to country across the world.

Once again, available Positions include:

1. State Coordinator

2. Assistant State Coordinator

3. State Secretary

4. Asst State Secretary

5. State Logistics Manager

6. State Product Delivery Manager

7. Asst. State Product Delivery Manager

How to Apply for Elevation State Leadership Position:

To Apply for any of the positions listed above, please do the following:

a. Make your EVT investment according to the position you are applying for:

$1,000 (1,000 EVT) for overall state coordinator or $500 (500 EVT) for any other position in your state

b. Click on the link below and fill the Application Form with your correct details.
Click Here

NOTE: Failure to make your $1,000 (1,000 EVT) or $500 (500 EVT) investment before filling the application form will automatically disqualify the application. Multiple applications are not allowed.

Thank you all.

-The Elevation Platform Team


Posted on May 7, 2019 at 9:40 AM


Official Update for Tues. 7th May, 2019

Dear Elevation and TBC Community,


Now that the Elevation online store is already running and people have started shopping, the world can finally see that The Elevation Platform is not a scam. We promised and delivered accordingly. This is good news for the Elevation and TBC community, as well as all lovers of Cryptocurrency around the world.

Before we get overexcited and relax from our determination to achieve success, we need to consider some very crucial issues that can make the Elevation online store a success. These crucial issues include: (1)Sustainability, (2)Coordination and (3)Orderliness. This update will handle one of the issues which is sustainability, while subsequent updates will handle Coordination and Orderliness.


So why are we talking about sustainability now? It is because a lot of Cryptocurrency platforms have come and gone. Many platforms have scammed people and left very bad scars on the path of their crypto journey. These bad experiences are the reasons so many people are still calling cryptocurrency a scam; but we know that Crypto is never a scam, there are just a few bad people who want to paint crypto black.


The Elevation Platform and the Elevation Online Store will NEVER join the group of failed projects; the team had everything planned out before embarking on this journey. Many of us have also been scammed and we lost money in so many platforms; so we have felt the pain of so many of you who tasted the bad side of cryptocurrency investment.


Now, here comes the big question:

How Can the Elevation Online Store be sustained and maintained for everyone to continuously benefit from it?


Before we start explaining that, let’s take a little time to talk about the store itself.


What is the purpose of the Elevation Online Store?

The Elevation Online Store was created to put smiles on the faces of Crypto investors and enthusiasts. This store will validate all our claims that Cryptocurrency is real and valuable. We can never say that something is real except we have tested, used and benefited from it. With the Elevation Online Store, we shall test, use and equally benefit from Cryptocurrency, EVT and TBC.

For most of you, it could be the very first time you would be ordering a mobile phone or a laptop or some beverages and paying directly from your crypto wallet. This will be an interesting experience and I am very sure you will spread the good news to others when your ordered goods start arriving.


While selling our goods at cheap prices and also accepting 30-70% TBC payments, many may be wondering how we hope to maintain and sustain the store.

We have Six (6) sources of income generation that can sustain this store for all Elevation investors and all TBCians to continue to benefit and shop the best products for the cheapest prices always.


1. Through Continuous Sales of EVT tokens to new members: Any new member who joins the Elevation Platform and wishes to shop with us must first buy some EVT tokens. These funds will keep coming in to help us run the store always.

2. Through Adverts on the Store: If you look at the screenshots earlier taken from the store, you would have noticed that there are banners all over the store. Those banners are advert slots. When the store goes live in June, we shall open up these advert slots for several businesses and organizations to start running their adverts with us and paying monthly for each banner on the store. We currently have many banners spread all over the pages of the store, we have estimated that all banners totally generate from $1,000 - $3,000 monthly.

What will this do for the store and all those shopping with us?

Prices of goods will be further subsidized and reduced to lower rates to enable all Elevation Investors, as well as all TBCians enjoy shopping at the cheapest rates ever on the best quality products too. So don’t be surprised when we start lowering all the prices of our goods on the online store, it’s just an indication that our adverts unit is generating more profits now.


3. Through Our Affiliate Programs: Apart from running adverts for businesses and organizations, some of the banners you will see on the Elevation online store are from affiliate programs that Elevation is connected with. We run referral programs which are powered by heavy traffic and users’ activities that take place on the store. We shall offer special bonuses (in EVT) for users who participate in our affiliate programs; they will have more EVT for shopping on our online store. Sincerely speaking, these affiliate and referral programs offer lots of benefits both to the users and the Elevation Platform. They are genuine and profitable avenues for generating more income, though with much traffic and referrals as well. So the more you click and join those programs, the more Elevation makes profits, which will thereafter be invested back into the online store and we shall continue to offer high quality products at cheaper prices. Very soon, no online of local store will be able to compete with our prices because we generate income from several sources to subsidize the shopping of our members.


4. Through More Merchants Accepting Crypto Payments: As the Elevation Online Store continues to grow, the awareness of The Elevation Platform will also rise. Very soon, more people will see that indeed Cryptocurrency is working; as a result, they will be attracted to our online store to purchase our products at cheap prices. This will attract more merchants who will willingly accept EVT or TBC or a combination of both EVT and TBC for their products and services. It will be very easy to add their products to the Elevation Online Store. Soon, we shall have merchants offering varieties of products for crypto payments and the Elevation Online Store shall continue to expand and grow.


5. Through Elevation Crypto/Forex Academy: According to our Road Map, the Elevation Crypto/Forex Academy will be launching in August. The Academy is one of our sources of generating income for the entire Elevation Platform. Some funds from the Academy will also be used to invest in our online store; this is because the online store will need more income and attention. It is our responsibility to satisfy every online shopper and keep smiles on the investor’s face. While we run the Crypto/Forex Academy, funds will be generated from tuition fees and sales of educational materials. Educational contents shall be sold for profits and we shall channel part of the generated funds back to the online store.

6. Through Other profitable Investments: In previous updates, we have said that we have plans to run other investments like Forex trading (started already), Agriculture and Real Estate. Through these investments, we shall continue to fund and run the online store smoothly.

Also, members can cash out 15% profit monthly from their Elevation Account when the Elevation Online Exchange is launched.


For our investors outside Nigeria who are too far away to shop with us, you can cash out from your EVT account as well as a corresponding percentage of your TBC amount you would have used to shop from our store; we shall work this out soon. Because distance will not allow us to send your goods to you, we rather offer you payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum, according to your choice. Please note that these cash-outs and payments will be solely dependent on the profits generated from all sources of income listed above.

We call on all Elevation Investors, all TBCians and all Crypto lovers to join us and build this store to a reputable standard. This will be a win-win game for everyone and we shall all continue to enjoy the benefits of Cryptocurrency, Elevation, EVT, TBC and the entire Blockchain Technology.

So you can now see that this is an outstanding project that requires collective effort. Join us to build and we shall all smile in the end.


As the online store is about to launch and commence operations all over Nigeria, we need state coordinators and several volunteers who will ensure that Elevation activities and shopping runs successfully in their various states.

People shall be appointed into the following positions:

1. State Coordinator

2. Assistant State Coordinator

3. State Secretary

4. Asst State Secretary

5. State Logistics Manager

6. State Product delivery manager

7. Asst. State Product Delivery manager

Same positions will be replicated in each LGA across several states.

Conditions and Benefits of State Coordinators and other positions of the state leadership team shall be discussed in the next update and we shall also use that update to engage all interested people for the screening exercise, there will be an application form attached to the update, please watch out for it.


Thank you all

-The Elevation Platform Team.


Posted on May 3, 2019 at 1:50 PM


Official Update for Fri. 3rd May 2019.

Dear Elevation and TBC Community,

We are now counting days to the launch of the outstanding Elevation Online Store; therefore, this update will address some issues regarding the online store and the activities around it.

Please read carefully and try to understand where we are right now and the outstanding progress we hope to make in the days ahead.


The Store will go live in the month of June 2019 and this is fixed already. All preparations are focused towards making the June launching a huge success.


The Online Store does not have any link for registration or logging to it; it is expected that only registered members of the Elevation platform who have obtained their Personal Elevation ID (PEI) can shop on the store. Anyone wishing to shop on the Elevation online store MUST first create an account on the Elevation ICO website (www.theelevationico.com) and complete his/her KYC to obtain a Personal Elevation ID (PEI). So when you pick a product from the store, you only need to input your email, PEI and make your payment for such product to be delivered to you.


The items available on the store are from merchants who sell such products. For now, Elevation does not produce any product for sale but we connect sellers to buyers. We also buy directly from sellers (with crypto or with cash) and sell to buyers (still at cheap rates). In this early stage of our project, we are still building the store and the entire Elevation community, the Elevation Online Store will be updated from time to time and more goods will be added. Right now, we have added several products such as groceries, household utilities, toiletries, electronics, gadgets (Phones and Laptops) and books. The store has varieties of goods to pick from and we will keep adding more products from time to time. This is a permanent online store, not a trade fair.


Some items have been added to packs because they are too tiny to be purchased and delivered as single items. A pack is a box containing several small items. When you acquire a pack, all items in it will be sent to you. Most groceries, beverages and toiletries will be shopped in packs.


The delivery of goods bought from the store shall be done through road transport, logistics, shipping and courier companies (we are already in talks with some of them). The period of waiting for your goods to arrive will depend on your location; so when you place an order and input your delivery address, you will receive an email stating when exactly your goods will arrive. From the moment you order goods from the Elevation Online Store, a customer care representative will be in contact with you through Email, SMS and phone calls until your goods are safely delivered to you. We are very much determined to cover the whole of Nigeria, Africa and several parts of the world gradually. We shall soon begin a process of recruiting state and city coordinators nationwide to ease the stress of delivery. There will be another update on that very soon, so get ready if you are interested in working with Elevation Platform.


A page has been added to the online store for updates. Please take this page seriously and always read updates from it. This ‘updates’ page will be a source of relevant information for the Elevation Community from time to time. It shall also serve as a source of authenticating any news or latest information from the Elevation Platform.

As soon as the Online Store goes live in June, the community should take any information on the Elevation ‘Updates’ page seriously and also disregard any information that is not supported or published on that page.


A testimonial page has also been added to the online Store and we shall continually update this page with several testimonies from members and shoppers on the Online Store. When ever you receive items from the Elevation Online Store, we appeal that you do a testimonial video or send us some pictures that will be uploaded on the Elevation Testimonial Page. This page is very important to us; it will help to tell the world that Elevation Platform is real and genuine and that our Online Store is working. Your testimonies will help to prove that Cryptocurrency is real, EVT is genuine and TBC is not a scam.


As soon as the Elevation Online Store goes live in June, EVT will automatically rise from $0.2 to $0.5 per token and this will be the official price for now. This official price will be used to rate all goods on the Elevation Online Store, as well as other products and services offered on the Elevation Platform.

For example if a mobile phone will cost $100, you are required to pay 200EVT, that will be the same equivalent as paying $100 in Bitcoin or Ethereum or TBC. Please take note of this official price of EVT and ensure that you confirm the price of each item before paying your EVT or TBC for it.

For TBCians, our online store will NEVER discount your TBC, we know the official price of TBC and we value that; each product will accept payment according to the official price of TBC or Kringles, depending on the product you desire to buy.


If you are reading this update and you are yet to register on the elevation platform and purchase some EVT for yourself, time is really running out. Also, if you don’t have a TBC wallet, or you have very few Kringles, you are missing out on a rare opportunity.

Very soon, both EVT and TBC will be scarce and expensive, grab them now when you still can and prepare for the launch of the Elevation Online Store in June. It will be a historical breakthrough for Elevation, TBC and the entire Crypto Community.

All those who have been doubting the Elevation Platform as well as those who have been calling TBC a scam are about to see a turn around. Great things are about to unfold and you should never miss out; this is why you shouldn’t always be found sitting on the fence. You have to take a stand with Elevation, TBC and Cryptocurrency.

It’s time to finally agree that Cryptocurrency is real and it works.

Elevation Online Store is coming to achieve that purpose and fulfill that mission.

Please, let’s join hands together to build this great Crypto Empire and we shall all smile at last.

(Please help to spread this information to various platforms and groups, your family and friends need to know about it.)

Thank you all

-The Elevation Platform Team