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The Elevation Online Store is a Fully Functional "Crypto-Only" Online Store. All products and services are offered for cryptocurrency payments.

We accept EVT and TBC here
All Elevation Investors, as well as all TBCians can shop with us.

Feel free to explore various categories of goods; prices are rated in USD and EVT, while Logistic/Delivery fees are paid in TBC. Before completing any order or request, make sure you pay the exact amount specified for the item you are buying. We will only process orders with complete payment.
Normally, an order should take between 2-3 weeks to deliver and you will receive a link to track your order online before delivery.
If at any time your order exceeds 3 weeks undelivered, please send an email to info@theelevationplatform.com and we will be glad to attend to you.


Mobile Phones

Computers & Gadgets

Groceries and Beverages

Clothes and Fashion

Books and Educational Materials